January Update

This past Friday, Vena and I celebrated 10 years in marriage. Our friends organized a surprise party for us and invited about 40 close friends of ours for dinner, and they also paid for us to have a night out in a fancy restaurant.
 In Uganda, our school year begins at the beginning of the year. All of our kids who had visited extended family for the holiday, are back and have begun a new school year and new grade.
I want to thank you for your prayers. As you know one of our kids, Chosen, had heart surgery and it was not successful. She had another surgery where they cut through her back, and it was successful this time, and the heart murmur is no more!! Since then, Chosen is happy and has started to put on weight.
We had our annual camp, with all Mercy sponsored kids. We had about 200 kids show up for 3 days of fun, prayer and getting to spend time as a family. Our theme this year was serving above self. On the last day, we invited their guardians to come attend church with them, and I was so impressed last Sunday that over 60 children and their guardians gave their lives to Christ during service at Mercy Church.
This year our plan has been to build a school and to be able to move all our boarding school kids to one place so that we are able to provide quality Christian education and Discipleship. We had an opportunity of a school that is being sold by a Christian real estate guy, who is a friend of mine. It’s value is over $160,000, but he selling it to us for only $80,000. By the grace of God, we have raised $40,000 and have already deposited on it, but we’re still looking for the rest of the balance. The facility has 5 class rooms and 5 dormitory homes all well built.
The school is located around 3 kilometers from where our village, and is in a neighborhood with many Muslims. We plan to start a clinic there this year, and the school will start running next year. In future, we shall plant a church there as well and bring healing to this neighborhood. I am asking you to give towards this project. If we raise more money, we shall use it to start on renovations.

One thought on “January Update

  1. Richard Mata January 27, 2018 / 4:25 pm

    Am Glad and thankful to the Lord for the Blessings towards your Ministry. Let him continue reigning. God bless all that are part of this wonderful Ministry


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