Fruits of Faithfulness

Tuesday is a day of prayer and counseling. I drop the kids off at school early in the morning, and by 8:00am, I have started meeting with people, listening to their needs and praying with them. I must admit this is the hardest part of my job, seeing brokenness in families that I meet with; marriages are breaking and some are in desperate poverty. I am glad that I can introduce them to Christ, pray with each one and direct them to the help they need.

My high point was when I met a guy who walked into my office named Richard. He was a famous witch doctor, and after having had arguments with his fellow sorcerers, they tried to kill him twice through the mob justice. He survived with bruises, and after sharing the gospel with him, he decided to give his life to Jesus. Our missions leaders have started to help him by getting him a bible and teaching him more about Christ. Such stories keep me going an extra day.

Let me share with you another story that encourages me. A few years ago, I visited Katanga slums and met Florence, one of the leaders of our savings groups. She lived in a small room in the slums with 6 kids. One of her kids that touched my heart was Hasifah; Hasifah was born at a time when doctors at the main referral hospital were striking over low and delayed pays. She had a condition called birth asphyxia, (the same condition that killed our first daughter, Chosen.) No one could help with surgery, so she ended up giving birth to a child, Hasifah, with special needs.

Hasifah was 6 years old but could barely move. Mercy started sponsoring her, and in a few days, she was able to sit and now, with speech therapy, she smiles and tries to say mum.

Florence has been enrolled in our vocational skills empowerment program. This is a group of 12 ladies that Mercy supports to go and learn skills as a way of empowering them, so that in the future, they can be in a better position to care for their kids and families. Florence is now in her second term at school learning a certificate in hairdressing.

Through our Homes of Hope program, we built a decent, 3 bedroom house for her family next to Mercy Church, and they now no longer live in the slums.

This family is now thriving. Florence and her husband now serve as ushers at Mercy Church, and they recently acquired a cow from our Calf program.

What touched me the most, is that recently this family decided to adopt Dalton, one of our babies at Mercy that needed a family. Dalton moved to their house, and he is being loved by this family.

These success stories are happening because of God’s goodness and the fruit of your faithfulness. We are able to do all of this because of your prayers and support. God is changing lives, and I can’t thank you enough. These stories of success help me not to become burn out, but they encourage me to continue doing more for the Kingdom of God.

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One thought on “Fruits of Faithfulness

  1. Heather Sproul February 10, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    Thank you thank you, Wilfred – for this wonderful blog. You are telling your stories so well. Richard and Florence are in my prayers today, and so are you and Vena. Sending love to you! Heather Sproul in Bakersfield


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